Terms & Conditions

  1. Courses held in the evening are only opened to those aged 18 and above. Younger students who have not reached the minimum age will not be accepted unless accompanied by a parent.
  2. The course fees do not cover the costs of books, lesson notes, teaching materials, and insurance for off-campus lessons. Please call us for more details.
  3. Please keep all your receipts and certificates for future references.
  4. The Centre will be sending a course-related notice to the students through SMS or WhatsApp before the commencement of classes. Please notify the Centre if you do not receive any messages from the Centre one week before the commencement.
  5. Students may apply for a change in course or cancel their enrolment and get a full refund before the course is confirmed by the Centre. Students who wish to switch to another course must decide what course they wish to switch to before the commencement of classes. Only one change is allowed per applicant. Students who wish to withdraw from the course after they have started attending the lessons may apply for a refund subject to the refund policy of the Centre.
  6. Students who are unable to attend any lesson with a valid reason may apply for leave from the class representative at least three days before the class. Students who notify the class representative only after the course materials are prepared will be required to pay for the materials.
  7. Children, guest students or sit-in observers, and recordings are NOT allowed in all classes, in order to maintain lesson quality, and as a show of respect for the teachers and other students.
  8. Paid course fees are non-transferrable and cannot be used for a future course. Kindly apply for a refund according to the refund policy of the Centre if you wish to withdraw from a course.
  9. If the lesson falls on a public holiday, it will be postponed to the following week. The Centre reserves the right to make any adjustments to the class schedules.

Refund Policy

Any request for a refund of the course fee paid before or after the commencement of the course shall be subject to the following conditions:

  1. Students enrolled in any course with insufficient number of students to start the class will be notified by the Centre and are entitled to a full refund.
  2. Students who withdraw from a course before the commencement of classes may receive a 70% refund.
  3. Students who withdraw from a course after attending not more than 2 lessons may receive a 50% refund.
  4. Students who have attended 3 or more lessons are not entitled to any refund.
  5. Students who need to withdraw from the course due to major force majeure or unforeseen circumstances may apply for a refund. Proof of force majeure is required for the refund.
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