Smartphone Photography

With a few light touches on your smartphone, you will be able to capture beautiful moments. More people prefer the convenience of using their smartphone cameras to take pictures nowadays. But how can we use a smartphone to take photos whose quality matches that of those taken by a handheld camera?

This Smartphone photography course, which consists of 12 lessons, helps students to master the skills of taking photos with smartphones through theory and practice. It covers basic photography skills, such as exposure, composition, etc., allowing students to learn to capture various types of pictures, from still images and portraits to street scenes.

Teacher’s Profile

Mr Chua Teong Seng

With 20 years of experience in photography, Mr Chua started teaching photography in 2009 and serves as a volunteer photographer in Tzu Chi events and activities. He always has his mobile phone ready to take photos wherever he goes, be it at home, at work, touring overseas, in the streets, etc. to share interesting and precious moments with his close friends and family members.

Course Information

Every Monday | 7.30pm – 9.30pm
12 lessons
Start date: 3 Feb 2020

Course fee: SGD 180

*Please bring your own smartphone

Enjoy preferential rates if you belong to any of the following categories:

  • 20% off the course fee: Tzu Chi’s attachment / trainee commissioners, certified commissioners and faith corps members
  • 10% off the course fee: Non Tzu Chi volunteers belonging to any of the following categories: Former students of the Continuing Education Centre, Students with a valid student card and Senior citizens aged 60 and above

To take advantage of the special offer, kindly register and pay the course fee before 20 Dec 2019.

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