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Ms Chen Bo

Chen Bo Chinese Calligraphy Class (HYC)

Ms. Chen Bo has received numerous awards and recognitions in the field of calligraphy. She was awarded the 3rd Chen Qin Chuan Senior Calligraphy Award in Singapore, the highest honour in the 35th Chen Jing Zhao Calligraphy Competition, and the Gold Award at the 25th and 26th World Calligraphy and Cultural Art Exhibition. In 2023, she won the Dr. Chen Zhichu Art Award for Calligraphy. Over the years, she has participated in various modern calligraphy exhibitions, International Women’s Day Art Exhibitions, National Day Art Exhibitions, and overseas exhibitions.


Additionally, in the past five years, she has been offering calligraphy therapy at the Taihe Hospital, where she volunteers to assist elderly patients with conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s disease, and dementia. She has gained extensive experience in using calligraphy as an adjunct therapy for elderly patients. Furthermore, she teaches Chinese cultural calligraphy courses at Chong Fu School and independently runs calligraphy classes for students ranging from 6 years old to adults.