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Mr Bernard Tay

floral arrangement

Mr Tay held his first demonstration at the age of 24 and has been asked to demonstrate for at least 1 or 2 major events each year in Singapore, as well as in Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia, and Japan. His memorable demonstrations include:


  • Demonstration at the Japanese Embassy in Brunei for the ambassador and his guests.
  • Ikebana International Fukuoka Chapter demonstration with a Peranakan theme
  • Asian Food Channel video which included a demonstration incorporating Japanese produce such as yuzu and konbu(seaweed) in his Ikebana display
  • Assistant to Mr. Hiroshi Teshigahara (previous headmaster of Sogetsu School Japan) in Paris and London.


Mr. Tay is a qualified RIJI, which is the highest certification from Sogetsu School Japan. His current and former positions include:

  • Vice President, Singapore Sogetsu Association (current)
  • Former Advisor, Singapore Sogetsu Asocciation
  • Former Advisor, Sogetsu Study Group Johor Bahru
  • Member, Ikebana International Singapore Chapter 135


Mr Tay’s further credentials include:

  • Winning Silver and 2nd prize in the (Standing) Ikebana  Section for the 20th World Orchid Competition in 2011
  • Conducting Sogetsu Workshops in Singapore and Malaysia
  • Invited to create large-scale ikebana displays, including that of the Japanese Emperor’s Birthday celebration.