Course ID: J24022

(May) Vegetables Cuisine Cooking Class

Date:  9 May 2024,16 May 2024,30 May 2024

Time: 2.00PM – 4.00PM

Class Day: Thursday

Location: Jing Si Hall (9 Elias Road, Singapore 519937)

Number of Sessions: 3 sessions

Registration Closing Date: 9 May 2024

Class Size: 20

Vacancies: 9



May Vegetarian Cooking Classes, Embark on a Healthy and Delicious New Experience!

You will learn to prepare three dishes:

May 9th: Winter Melon, Lotus Seed, and Bamboo Shoot Soup, accompanied by Vinegar White Pomfret May

16th: Homemade Korean Kimchi, enjoy Kimchi Bibimbap and Kimchi Tteok May

30th: Taiwanese borsch soup with Dumplings and Golden Vegetable Boxes


These three classes will introduce you to the unique flavors of different ingredients and allow you to experience the charm of vegetarian cuisine.

You will learn to prepare healthy and delicious vegetarian dishes, experiencing the joy of hands-on cooking.

We welcome you to sign up and join us in embarking on a journey of vegetarian cooking!

*Courses are mainly taught in Chinese.



Ms Hsueh Su Ju

Ms Hsueh is devoted to sharing the beauty of vegetarian cooking. With years of experience, she not only brings delicious vegetarian dishes to her students but also passionately promotes vegetarianism as a healthy and delightful lifestyle choice. Through hands-on demonstrations, she imparts not just the flavors but also the cultural and philosophical richness of vegetarian cuisine. As a dedicated Tzu Chi volunteer, her efforts extend beyond the culinary realm, embodying a love for life and a caring concern for society. Join us in savoring the culinary artistry and insightful teachings of Ms Hsueh.





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